This is a great representation of what happens when souls meet in VR and connect over art, architecture, education and a love for community. To show how powerful this space can be when it comes to engagement.

I launched my Patreon (Membership Platform) a year ago, and I share home templates, decor, and wearables on a monthly basis to hundreds of people to use in social VR. Jazzy explains why it means so much to her and how she utilizes having her own home. Let's give Jazzy 3D replicas of your products to decorate her spaces with.

I built a radio station in VR for VR105, and Dawn Richard hosted the first ever full VR listening party for the AltspaceVR community for the launch of her album. Many of the attendees were new fans created at this event. Great vibes were shared by all who attended! Share upcoming releases with the community!

I designed Club Premiere for Rahaman Muhammad to throw a party every Thursday night in AltspaceVR. He hosts a 50/50 raffle that pays the DJ and the lucky winner at the end of the night. It also facilitates charities for the community. Perfect type of events to implement branding and sponsorships.

Make a whole production out of your NFT drops. Bring out your community and tap into the existing one. Bring a live dj or hire from within. Teach newbies and chat with veterans. Either way, make an impact that lasts!

Friends LOVE to meet up at my movie theatre to watch movies, podcasts, and tv shows with their friends! Anything that can be shown on Youtube or Vimeo can be shared into AltspaceVR. My theatre is open to branding and exclusive releases/screenings!

$209 B Market Cap

The global AR and VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022.

171 M VR Users

There are 171 Millions Virtual Reality Users, and GROWING rapidly.

17% Online Sales Conversion

Online Stores will see so much benefit in the coming future from participation in virtual reality!

78% People know about VR

Don't get left out! Be one of the first to dive into the space in an innovative way!