Flightline in the Metaverse - Metaverse Architecture

Artsy in VR 3D models Keeneland's Sales Pavilion in the Metaverse.

11/7/20221 min read

Metaverse Architecture: Artsy in VR

Event: Flightline in the Metaverse

Hosted by: Keeneland - Lanes End - Cornett

Event Partner: GetRealXR

Platform : Spatial.io

The Metaverse can serve a variety of niche communities and interested parties in a variety of ways.

On November 7, 2022, hundreds of horse racing fans and enthusiasts attended the first fractional horse auction in the Metaverse on the platform Spatial.io. It was organized by Keeneland and Lane's End. Cornett was the marketing agency responsible for coordinating the event.

The auction space was designed in collaboration with Artsy in VR. Artsy created a 3D model of Keeneland's Sales Pavilion in Blender3D and then uploaded it into Spatial.io, the platform on which the auction was held.

Visit "Flightline in the Metaverse" on Spatial.io