Free Resources

VR Worldbuilder Collective:

My Facebook is group full of fellowship, conversation and resources. You'll find my Youtube Tutorial Playlist, Worldbuilding Starter Kit, and my Metaverse Comparison Chart. You should check out all three in full.

I also host free Zoom group chats (Open Studio) bi-monthly, where you can ask questions and get answers.

Private Consultations/Lessons

Invest in your future

I do run a full-time virtual design company and I am a full-time virtual designer for NFT Oasis, so my time is limited. If you are serious about your career in worldbuilding, you can book private consultations and lessons with me.

Lessons/Consultations are geared towards what it is you need/want to learn at the current moment. Beginner to Advanced worldbuilders are welcome. We will meet via Zoom, please join from a computer. We will be sharing our screens.

Courses coming soon! Join my mailing list below to be notified.