How VR Changed My Life

Artsy is celebrating two years in social VR.


4/17/20223 min read

This month, just two years ago, I wandered into AltspaceVR through my Oculus Go/Quest.

It all started when I went to an art hop event and met Samo976 from Paris, who helped me create my first art gallery in the “Metaverse”. I had no idea this moment would change the trajectory of my life.

Since then I have met thousands of people and made hundreds of friends from all over the world.

I’ve been to hundreds of events. Art walks, meditations, talk shows, game shows, house parties, nightclubs, concerts, birthday parties, weddings, world tours, conferences, grand openings, hide and seeks, memorials, music festivals, and much more.

I started to teach myself how to 3D model architecture and furniture shortly after my arrival into Altspace and I’ve since then created hundreds of templates that thousands of people visit and use for their own social experiences.

Over 4,000 worlds use my templates on the platform. I created a thriving and revolutionary business housing a community of people. Making their dreams and my dreams come true.

I’ve been on dates in VR.

I have fallen in love in VR.

I’ve gifted friends and been gifted by friends in VR.

I’ve graduated in VR.

I’ve taught in VR.

I’ve made money in VR.

I’ve been bullied in VR.

I’ve been to therapy in VR.

I’ve been surprised by friends in VR.

I’ve met celebrities in VR.

I’ve been awarded a star in VR.

I’ve been on numerous panels and interviews in VR.

I’ve been artsy in VR. I am Artsy in VR.